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Irish Coffee

A few months ago, when my parents were visiting Andrew and I in the city, we all went to the famous Buena Vista for an Irish Coffee after dinner. It was my first time at the Buena Visita, I was happy to finally cross that item off my San Francisco Bucket List, and it was especially fun to go there with my parents. 

While we were there, they told us about when they'd gone there when they were in their 20's and living over in Berkeley. As a wedding gift, one of their friends got them a set of Irish Coffee glasses to commemorate their nights at the Buena Vista. 

I had remembered by Auntie Alice using them at Thanksgiving one year to make everyone Irish Coffee. So Andrew and I volunteered to be in charge of bringing Irish Coffee supplies, and making them for everyone on Thanksgiving.

They were such a big hit, and a fun treat to enjoy after dinner with our pumpkin and apple pie. Since everyone in my family loved them, I wanted to share the recipe with you in case you wanted to enjoy a glass or two during this Holiday Season. 

We felt it was only fitting to use the Buena Vista Recipe they share on the website. There are many variations for Irish Coffee recipes you can find online, some call for brown sugar or Bailey's's Irish Cream, but we stuck to the traditional recipe San Francisco is famous for.

I found the step by step instructions here.

First, you'll want to pour hot water into your glasses to warm them up.

Next, pour in hot coffee. My parents glasses had a line indicating how much coffee to add, but you want to fill the glasses about three quarters of the way full. 

Drop two sugar cubes into the hot coffee, and stir until the sugar has dissolved. 

Then add a full jigger of Irish Whiskey, (we used Jameson). 

And now for the good stuff...pour lightly whipped heavy cream over a spoon to create a collar that floats on top of your coffee. 

Pouring the cream over the spoon will ensure that the cream doesn't mix with the coffee, and creates that trademark layered affect.

Now, sit back and enjoy! 



  1. Let's go to the Buena Vista soon!!!!

  2. When I come up in February, promise me that you'll make this so I can try it!


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