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Poppy's 91st Birthday

This past weekend we took quick a trip down to San Diego to celebrate Andrew's grandpa (Poppy's) 91st birthday. The party was Saturday evening, so we flew down early that morning to help cook and get everything set up. 

I first met Poppy back in May for Nina's graduation, and he quickly became one of my favorite people. I have a soft spot for grandparents (don't we all?) and Poppy is one of the best! When he stayed with us for the weekend of Nina's graduation, Andrew and his mom had to take a family friend to the airport, so Poppy and I had about an hour to visit while they were gone. It was the best! He told me stories about how he met Andrew's grandma and when they got married, why he moved to Rochester, about the times he traveled to San Francisco, and his time spent in the Army. He also mentioned his love for the show Sex in the City. I mean, seriously, he's the best! 

Just a few months ago, he moved from Rochester, NY to San Diego to be closer to Andrew's mom and his Uncle who also lives in Southern California. Since it was the first time he would be in San Diego for his birthday in quite some time, Andrew's mom wanted to throw a party to celebrate! 

Poppy is a very proud American, so the theme for his birthday party was "Made in America." Everyone wore red white and blue, there were party favors, and patriotic decorations everywhere. It was such a fun day, and you could tell Poppy loved having his family together. He later told Andrew's mom that the party made moving out west worth while. So sweet. 

Proud Dad

"please can I have more people food?"
Poppy loves fireworks! 

On the tables, there were frames with fun facts about Poppy. Here are some of my favorites not listed in the picture above:

// he has driven cross-country 54 times //

// he has used his gambling winnings to buy himself diamond rings //

// he was married to the same woman for 60 years //

//As a boy, he jumped freight trains for fun //

// he served as air crew chief for bombers during WWII //

// he lied to get a Red Ryder BB gun //

// he was struck by lightning //

// He tried out for the New York Yankees //

// He worked on secret military projects //

// he is a card shark //

too much partying for Louis and Andrew


  1. He looks incredible for 91! Love the themed party!! Very sweet!

  2. Aw love this theme party, and all the facts about him!


  3. How fun! Sorry, I'm a horrible friend and forgot to ask you how this party went!
    Poppy is so cute! I'm sure he has some of the coolest stories! And he loves SITC?? What a guy!

  4. Ha! I love all the things about Poppy. He sounds like a pretty cool dude :)

  5. that's fantastic that you had the chance to go! and those facts are so cool.

  6. love all the family love around your poppy! this is the cutest and what family is all about:)
    love love love that there was a theme and you all dressed in red/white/blue - makes for great pictures and pretty memories!


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