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Goodbye Summer

Good morning my friends, and happy Friday!!

This weekend officially marks the end of summer. Although it's a little bittersweet for some, I welcome fall with open arms! It's my absolute favorite season. I love the crisp, cool air, pumpkins, scarves, and boots. It also means birthdays, Halloween and Thanksgiving are near. Time to celebrate! 

But before we dive into fall, I wanted to take a look back on our jam-packed summer. Remember this post, when I listed all of the things I'd like to do this summer? Well, we actually managed to scratch a few items off that list. 

go camping at least twice

We managed to go camping three times this summer! We went to Tuolumne Meadows, Lake Clementine, and Shaver Lake!

Monterey (Santa Cruz)

Although we didn't make it to Monterey, we got close! Andrew and I took a day trip to Santa Cruz and had a great time! Looking forward to going back with my new camera!

go wakeboarding

When we went camping at Lake Clementine with my sister I was able to go wakeboarding! I would have liked to have gone more than once, but once is better than nothing! I love boating, hopefully we'll make it out on the lake more than once next summer!

Big Sur

We didn't make it to Big Sur this summer, but maybe in the fall! 

read 2 books

I'm almost finished with my third book of the summer! Which, I'm pretty proud of, since I had gotten out of the habit of reading before bed. 

plan our vacation

Not only did we plan our vacation, we spent a wonderful week in Cabo soaking up the sun!

complete our DIY island project

Sadly, we still haven't accomplished this one...

explore a new area of San Francisco

We were so busy this summer, it feels like we barely spent any time in San Francisco! We did make it to the Treasure Island Flea Market though, and I hadn't been to Treasure Island since I was little when my Aunt and Uncle lived there. 

float the river with friends

I'll have to make sure this happens next year!

spend time with Phillip

Although I did get to see Phillip a couple times, it wasn't nearly enough. I love FaceTime, it has become a new favorite way to keep in touch. I want him to recognize me! I miss him so much, and it's really hard for me being so far away and missing this time with him. But, they're coming down to the city next week, so I'm really looking forward to getting some snuggles in!! 

plan a trip home to see friends

Although I haven't done it yet, I am going home in early October to see and spend some time with friends (and Phillip)! I can't wait! It's been too long, I'm trying to squeeze as much in to two days as possible! 

try a new restaurant

I have a feeling this will be accomplished early fall...

go to a country concert

Sadly, I didn't make it to a country concert. But we did go to Guster and Dispatch at the Greek Theater, so that's something! 

lots of hiking

While I wouldn't say we got lots of hiking in, we did some. Especially on our trip to Tuolumne Meadows. We also managed a few urban hikes here in the city. 

host brunch or dinner for friends

I really hope to do this SOON! Maybe I'll host a joint birthday dinner for Andrew and I or a Sunday Football brunch! 

While I didn't accomplish everything I'd set out to this summer, it was a great few months! We managed to escape the fog and get some sun! Weekends in San Diego, celebrating with friends on their wedding day, Giants games, 4th of July in Tahoe, enjoying our city by the bay, and so much more! We made so many wonderful memories with family and friends during our first summer living together in San Francisco. 

 Are you ready for fall, or mourning the loss of summer? 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We're heading to San Diego to celebrate Andrew's Grandpa's birthday. Getting all we can out of the last few days of summer! 


  1. look at you go! checking off so many things on your list!
    this is such a great idea- i'm thinking i may need to make a MUST DO/SEE/VISIT list for the fall!!

    -happy friday!
    x o

  2. WOW! You got to check off a good amount of things this summer.
    Sam and I drove through Big Sur on our way home on our one-year anniversary trip, and we would LOVE to go back. Highway 1 though going through there? Not the most fun thing ever..I felt like one wrong move and we'd fall off the side!

    What books did you read? I'm re-reading Divergent again, so I can remember what happens when I read the second book of the series. Have you read Divergent??

  3. Big Sur is on my list of places to go as well! Headed to Carmel/Monterey in two weeks to celebrate one year and I am excited! Love lake Clementine as well!!

  4. Oh I haven't accomplished my whole list, too. But we have done some great stuff this summer. And there is some indian summer left.;) Funny that we had similar things on the list. New fall list has to be created! ;) Enjoy the weekend!

  5. You got a lot crossed off your list! Sounds like an awesome summer. I'm excited to wear sweatshirts, but I have to admit that I'm a little sad to see summer go...


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