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Guest Post: Erin @ Cali-Land-Chic

Hello from Cabo!! While I'm lounging poolside with a cocktail, I hope you enjoy this post from my lovely friend Erin! She agreed to this only if I promised to send her my tan upon my return, I'm still working on figuring that one out...

Erin is the sweetest! We were destined to become friends, I swear! For now, we'll have to settle for long distance friendship since she's all the way on the East Coast. But someday, I'm going to convince her to move back to the Bay Area so we can hang out all the time!


Well hello Foothills to Fog readers! My name is Erin from Cali-Land Chic and I am thrilled to be guest posting for my girl Theresa, while she is soaking up that Mexican sun and tequila in Cabo (foolish...). As much as I want to be there with her (which wouldn't be weird for Andrew at all...) alas I am here, sitting at my desk in Maryland twiddling my thumbs and pretending that drinking Captain Morgan out of my parrot cup means I too am on vacation... You should join me, its fun and not pathetic at all.
You're welcome.

Like I said before we all got cheap alcohol headaches and broken dreams of fun filled vacations; Theresa is on holiday and has left me in charge of her blog today. She is brave that girl...

First I wanted to note that we have several things in common:

We both are from CA.
We both love San Francisco (but only one of us lives there).
We both love food.
We both love the best sports teams on the planet.
And we both have really adorable other halves.

You see, I grew up in Northern California and now reside in Maryland. So for me it has always been a battle of West vs. East. Most days the East wins but lately I have been missing CA a lot. So today I thought we would battle:

West vs. East (very hip hop of me...)

On the West Coast the seasons stay the same.
On the East Coast we have 4 full seasons, one of my favorite being fall

On the West Coast people drink coffee with their meals:
On the East Coast we drink beer (with our crabs):
And you don't mess with East Coast (MARYLAND) crabs - they are the best. No contest.

On the West Coast they have Wine Country:
On the East Coast we have (Virginia) Wine Country (point to the West on this one):
 (Not a bad representation...)

On the West Coast they have In-N-Out Burger:
On the East Coast we have Five Guys (no comparison).

On the West Coast people are nice and relaxed.
On the East Coast THIS is the regular:

On the (northern) West Coast the beaches are cold.
On my East Coast the beach is right outside my door (for the win!):
On the East Coast you have snow:
lots and lots of snow...
On the (California - I know it snows other places) West Coast you grow up with a windbreaker as your heaviest jacket.

But most important of all:
The West Coast has this girl:
The East Coast has this girl:
The two must really come together soon!?! Don't you think?

Who won? It's too hard to choose! What coast would win your battle???

Thanks for letting me into your lives today - come on over and say hi! I blog about my dog, my house, my husband, DIY projects and my ridiculous life.

I would love to meet you!

Oh and thank you Theresa for having me here! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Bring me back something tropical and alcoholic. ;) Mmmkay.



See, I told you she's the cutest! Now, jump on over to Cali-Land Chic and say hello! You won't regret it! 

Thank you SO much for guest posting Erin! Now, come back to SF so we can hang out!! 


  1. Woo to the East Coast!!

    Can't wait to follow along your blog :)

  2. That's a pretty good battle. I still would choose west coast no matter what!

  3. This was a pretty lame "battle". To hit a few points, Alcohol is served with meals on the east and west coasts and I'm pretty sure east coasters drink coffee with breakfast. We, the west coast have 5 guys AND in and out, she should have gone with Dunkin Donuts for the win. Cali gets snow; we are just lucky enough to drive 2 hours to see it rather than have to be bothered by it in our day to day lives.


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