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An Old Soul

I've always felt like I could have lived in another time. I have an old soul, and appreciate things with a history. I love finding little treasures that tell a story, or learning about my family history. I was inspired to write this post the other day when I heard a Louis Armstrong song. Sometimes I think it would be so fun to live in another time, see how different things were back then. I thought it would be fun to list some of the reasons I consider myself to be an old soul. 

// I love old music like Frank Sinatra and Etta James //

// I love the movie Midnight In Paris. I can relate to the idea of wishing you were from another time, and wanting to get a glimpse into the way people lived back then. //

// Sometimes when Andrew isn't home, I put on my Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra Pandora station and cook dinner with a glass of wine. //

// I recently discovered my love of jazz //

// I hold on to everything I can from my family. My favorite pieces of furniture were my Grams, I have an old CD compilation that was my Granpa's, and vintage broaches I remember playing with as a girl from my Grandma Norene. //

// I was an Art History minor in college. I love learning about art, especially the stories being told in the paintings. //

// I am obsessed with Europe because of the history there. The Vatican and beautiful chapels throughout Italy, and the amazing museums in Paris. It's like a glimpse into the past. // 

// I love tradition, especially around the holidays. I look forward to carrying the traditions I've grown up with on to my family someday. //

// I love browsing flea markets and searching for items that have a history. //

// I love museums //

// My favorite movie is White Christmas //

// Nothing beats getting a hand written note in the mail //

// I believe in writing thank you cards //

// I really want to learn how to make the perfect pie crust (Mom, I need a lesson) I think it's an important skill for any lady //

Such a random post for you on this lovely Friday! I hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse into this old soul :) 


Our Mexican Vacation is coming to an end, we'll be home tomorrow. It's been so nice to relax and spend time with Andrew! But we miss Louis, and are ready to come home. I hope you enjoyed the guest posts this week. Thank you SO much to Erica, Erin, Kasey, and 'The Lane' for taking the time to write such great posts! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! I'll see you all Monday with pictures and stories of our vacation!


  1. I love this post!
    I am such an old soul funny is this?!?!
    SHUT UP about your favorite movie. White Christmas is my ALL TIME FAVORITE its a tradition in our house!
    Hope you are having an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!
    And you are so welcome love.

  2. You and my husband would get along great! His family gives him a hard time, because he's basically an 80-year British man in a 28-year olds' body. He loves all of the old music too! He looks to turn on that kind of music when he cooks too! He's so fun to watch.

    Can't wait for you to be home! I'm sure your trip was amazing.

  3. You are definitely an old soul. :) But I think many of us appreciate some old, traditional things. Even if we are living in fast moving society it's good to step back and remember old things. For example I try to send my BFF in Germany every month just a post card even if we skype all the time.

  4. 1) I love White Christmas. 2) I love writing letters/thank you cards 3) I love me some Frank. 4) I am still working on perfecting my pie crust ;) Hope you are having an awesome time! Safe travels!

  5. What a great post! I too think I am from another time... I have strange little things that happen {like memories} as if I had already been somewhere and or done similar things before! So sweet to hear that you like to hand write thank you notes too and homemade pie crust is a must girlfriend... :]

    Hope you had a great vacation!

    The Parlor Girl

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