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Guest Post: Erica @ Nannypology

Happy Monday! While Andrew and I are away this week, I have some wonderful guest posts lined up for you! Starting with my beautiful friend Erica!

We're friends in real life and she happens to have her own blog where she shares stories from her job as a nanny. She's funny, smart, a great travel buddy and an even better friend! I know you'll love her as much as I do...


Hi readers of From Foothills to Fog! I am Erica of the famous blog Nannypology. What? You haven’t heard of me?! That’s terrible. Well… you have now!

The beautiful and amazing Theresa has asked me to write a guest post for her blog while she is sunbathing and relaxing in Mexico. Thanks a lot T, I’ll just slave away while you’re drinking margs on the beach! REAL COOL!

Just kidding. I am happy to oblige and I am sure she’d do the same for me. (Right?!?) 

I bet you didn’t know that I too am from the foothills, just like Theresa. In fact, we know each other in REAL LIFE! Can you believe it? I know, it’s shocking that people have real life friends anymore, but believe it baby!

So yeah, we’re good friends. Like… she comes over and we drink wine in our PJs, friends. Like… I’ve known her since we were 14 and I threw up at her house party, friends.  Like… we’ve sailed in the Caribbean and survived Vegas together, friends.

That says a lot.

So how did we both end up here, together in the virtual world as bloggers and in the real world in San Francisco? Cause both of those ‘places’ are where the cool kids hang out, as we both clearly are.

We’re both super awesome, and boy am I glad she ended up in this amazing City by the Bay with me! But our paths here, whichever “here” I am referring to, were quite different.

E: Saw the pretty Theresa at freshman orientation. She was sweet and we had mutual buddies so, BOOM friends for life.

T: I guess she thought I was okay too.

A few (ish) years later...

E: Moved to SF in 2009 the second I graduated college. My BF lived here so I was jamming here too!

T: Moved to SF in January 2012 after wanting to make the move for a long time (what can I say, visiting me was that fun!)

E: Moved with no job lined up, oh well, I knew it would come.

T: Waited patiently for the ‘job’ to come along and lined her ducks up nicely before taking the plunge (smart lady she is!)

E: Got a job as a nanny within a ‘couple’ months and made it work.

T: Stayed with her dear friend Erica until she found the perfect apartment.

E: Loved having various house guests while T and many of our friends moved to the city.

T: Being the creative soul that she is, always wanted to blog as an outlet for this side of her.

E: Always enjoyed writing and has dreams of being a children’s book author one day (Besides my senior project, which was uh… ‘Self published’).

T: Likes her job but really needs to find that outlet. Did I mention she’s incredibly crafty? And loves taking pictures too? It’s all adding up…

E: I’m not crafty. Or very organized. But I AM funny. At least I think that I am (don’t tell me the truth).

T: Spends lots of time thinking of the perfect name for her blog. I love it. Nailed it.

E: Spends a day or two researching avenues to get a start in writing… (Besides what Theresa had told me, “blog” wasn’t really in my vocab).

T: Life gets in the way and From Foothills to Fog gets a bit of a “fog delay”. Too much fun can do that!

E: I figured out that my nanny job wasn’t going to last forever, and simultaneously decided that nannying was not what I wanted to do as a career. Writing fever set in!

T: Enjoying SF life and all that it has to offer, every weekend becomes a potential blog post. She’s ready.

E: One dreary Tuesday night, I get on wordpress (through a long-winded Google search) and is born. “It’ll be fun,” I thought. “It will let me know if I am good at this ‘writing’ thing after all” I considered. “People will totes laugh!” I knew…

T: After careful consideration, Theresa chooses blogger as her platform, and puts the site into action.

E: Winging it, I figure out how to build my site and click ‘publish’ without thinking twice. It becomes a ‘work in progress’.

T: Writes a beauty of an intro and has a whimsical, beautiful layout.

E: Through trial and error, I am pretty happy with my layout as well!

T: Flourishes. Experiencing even more of the Foothills AND the Fog (and beyond!) than before, and lucky for me, takes pictures of all the cool stuff we do together! (Score! I can be a slacker!)

E: Loves continuing to wing it, loves being able to write whenever and however I want, loves getting ‘validation’ that sometimes I AM funny, and loves the many doors that this ‘blogging’ thing is opening. Cool stuff.

T: Has realized her dream of being a successful blogger.

E: Proud to have been asked to be her first guest post. (And you know what? I am sure I won’t be her last!)

T and E: Still the best of friends in the real world and beyond, my wine is always chilling for you girl!

Cheers to winging it.



Thank you my sweet friend, I loved reading this! We have so many amazing memories together, and more to come I'm sure! I knew I could count on you, and of course, I would guest post for you anytime! 

Friends, you must go check out Erica's blog. She's a great writer and will most definitely make you laugh! You can only imagine the stories she has from spending most of her time with four girls under the age of 8!


  1. Well I am glad to meet you Erica!! Looked up your blog and I totally agree with you!! People SHOULD enjoy their kids and PLAY WITH THEM!! Thank you for filling in for Theresa!!! Great blog!!!
    From Theresa's Aunt Colleen (who used to live on Treasure Island and LOVED it!!!!)

  2. love this guest post! erica - you crack me up!!
    can't wait to see who else is guest blogging for you this week ;)

    cheers to you in mexico!
    x o

  3. Okay, I need to move to SF asap so I can be IRL friends with both of you!
    HILARIOUS post!


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