The Streets of San Francisco

I mentioned yesterday that when my parents were visiting us last weekend we went on an urban hike through San Francisco. It was so nice to just stroll through the city with no where to go. We stopped to look at houses and dream about the ones we'd want to live in, looked at the beautiful flowers, and admired the view. It is an amazing city we live in. Here are some pictures I snapped on my iPhone along the way. 

an amusing sign posted on a garage in Pac Heights.
when I took the pic the owner walked outside to water her flowers and asked me if I wanted to add another tally mark to her sign! haha





  1. wow, gorgeous flowers!! i'm coming to hang out in your neighborhood. :) love that sign, hahaha

  2. I am in love with that purple flower, just gorgeous!

  3. wow! you make SF look even prettier than I thought it was!

  4. Pretty photos! :) San Francisco definitely is a visually stimulating city!


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