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Brunch by the Bay

If you're anything like me, you love a good brunch! I've found quite a few great spots here in San Francisco for brunch, and decided I should share the love! There is nothing better than sitting with friends, sipping a mimosa or coffee, and chatting over a delicious meal. If  you haven't tried these spots you should definitely check them out.

I love them all for different reasons. For a fun, boozy brunch, I would definitely choose Marengo. It's on Union Street which is always lively and fun. It also has a retractable glass ceiling that is perfect for sunny San Francisco days. It's a great place to hang out for an extended brunch with friends.

Part of the reason I love Eats and Ella's so much is that they're walking distance from our house. But beyond that, they have excellent food! Both have traditional brunch items, but with a unique flavor. At eats I had an amazing pulled pork hash, and the homemade biscuits are out of this world at Ella's. Both can have pretty lengthy wait times at the height of weekend brunch hours, but it's worth the wait or waking up early.

Next time you aren't sure where to go for brunch, keep these three in mind! I know you'll love them!

If you have any must try brunch spots, do tell!

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  1. Those waffles...yum! I am drooling over them!

    1. Nicole, they're so good! I didn't order them at first because I was unsure of the chicken and waffle combo, but they are delish! Have a great weekend, maybe it will involve waffles :)

  2. I love this! it is making me hungry!! we should do a brunch with heather, cara, mo and serena!

  3. We've been to Marengo for dinner a few times, but just recently discovered their brunch menu. Justin was sold as soon as he saw the chicken and waffle sliders. We haven't made it there for brunch yet, but hope to soon! If we aren't boozing, we go to Caffe Union, which is an easy walk from our place and never disappoints - I do LOVE me some brunch! (also have been wanting to try eats since you posted about it on instagram!)

  4. I LOVE the chicken and waffle sliders... they are little bites of heaven! I need to try the other two places on your list!

  5. love me some brunch and these places look great. if you're ever in the market for a brunch date - you know who to call :)

  6. Have to try the Marengo. It's crazy how many brunch spots this city has.


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