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Sunday at Dillon Beach

Yesterday was the perfect day to be at the beach! Andrew and I woke up early to drive an hour north to Dillon Beach. My sister's family and her in-laws were camping there for the weekend, and I was so excited to drive up and spend the day with them and get some quality time with my nephew! 

When my sister and I were little, my Mom used to take us to Dillon Beach almost every year. It became a traditional Girls Trip! We would rent a house in the cute little ocean-side village, and spend our days playing in the sand and exploring tide pools. Some years, another family that lived near us would rent a house the same week, and we had the best time playing together. I have so many fond memories at that beach, so I was really excited to spend the day there with my sister and Phillip! 

Phillip is at such a fun age right now, we had a great time playing in camp as well as with his sand toys on the beach. He loves balls and sports, so we played soccer, baseball and football in camp. Auntie isn't a very good pitcher, so he decided Andrew should pitch him the ball instead. So cute. He's very talkative which is really fun, he seems to grow up so much in between each visit. 

We had a great time playing on the beach, building sand castles to stomp on and bulldoze :) such a BOY! He was doing the cutest thing, I wish I had caught it on video to save forever. My sister brought these little molds in the shape of a frog, crab and turtle that you filled with sand to create the shape. When you lifted the mold to expose the little sand frog or crab, Phillip would gasp, like it was the COOLEST thing he'd ever seen, in total amazement, as if it appeared out of thin air. It is my favorite sound, and he was doing it all day. Cutest thing ever! 

When Phillip was napping, my sister and I played ladder ball and the boys watched the Raiders v. Chargers game (Andrew was happy, Josh not so much). And yes, they have a TV for camping in their fancy fifth wheel! It was really nice to spend so much time with my sister and her family. I hate being so far away, so I really treasure days like that. Just uninterrupted family time. 

We stayed to watch the sunset, and wave goodbye to the sun with Phillip as it sank into the ocean. Then it was time to head back to the city and get ready for the week. We listened to the Giants game on the way home, and sat in the driveway for what we thought would be the last pitch of the game. When we heard it was a wild pitch and the Giants tied the game, we of course had to RUN inside to catch the ending, too bad it didn't turn out like we had hoped. 

Even with the Giants' loss, it was a perfect Sunday spent with family. I'm already looking forward to the next time I can spend the day playing with Phillip. 

Cleaning the sand off Mommy's feet
Martin Family Shadows
Silly Faces!
Blowing kisses to Mommy
Sister and Brother-In-Law
Walking with Grandma (Josh's Mom)


  1. Awww what a fun beach day! I can't believe how big Phillip is...that is so crazy!!

  2. So adorable! Love the pictures of the beach, gorgeous!

  3. this is totally my idea of weekend perfection too! ;)

  4. aww...looks like it was such a nice day out there, which are hard to come by! Great photos, too!

  5. Wow what a great time making memories with Phillip and such great pics!! Thank you for sharing!!!!


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