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Nikki's Nautical Bachelorette

A few weekends back, we celebrated one of my dear friends, Nikki with a Bachelorette Party! She wanted something low key here in the city, and we were blessed with the most gorgeous fall day. The Indian Summers in this city never get old, it was like 75* a beautiful day to celebrate the bride to be!
I thought today would be the perfect day to share pictures from Nikki's bachelorette because Andrew and I are currently in Mexico for her wedding tomorrow!! I am so excited to be celebrating with her and Jason this weekend, I have no doubt it's going to be amazing! And of course I'll be sharing more about our weekend on the blog next week! 

But for now, let's talk bachelorette party! 

Nikki has a twin brother who got married two years ago, and Nikki served as his "best man woman" and planned his entire Bachelor Party. So of course Chris returned the favor and helped organize a fun day in the city to celebrate Nikki (with help from his wife and a few of Nikki's friends).  We started our day getting pedicures and drinking champagne and the cutest little spot on Fillmore. Thankfully they were prepared for our larger group, and had places for us to all sit and sip champagne and visit while we waited for our turn.

After our mani/pedi's we were off to Crissy Field for a picnic lunch. While the girls were at the spa, Chris was busy prepping the picnic. When we arrived, he had the entire thing set up perfectly! There was a spread of sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and of course mimosas! It was so fun visiting outside and enjoying the amazing day. I was so impressed with the spread Chris prepared! He also gave the cutest speech that had us all laughing. While a bit unconventional, it was so fun having Chris there. He and Nikki are so close and it was so nice how much effort he put into the whole thing. 

After a few hours enjoying the sun at Crissy Field, we took a bit of an intermission. A few of us headed back to my house to get ready for the later portion of events, and we planned to meet up at the Mark Hopkins where Nikki and the other girls were staying. Once we were ready, we went to meet up with the other lady's and hang out a bit before heading out to our pre-dinner activities. First stop, mini golf!! It's a fun new spot in the Mission District, an old building they converted into an indoor miniature golf course, complete with a full bar and food as well. Such a fun idea! I definitely want to go back, it's the perfect place for a date night. We all hung out in the bar for a bit and enjoyed a few cocktails and appetizers before hitting the course! It was so fun, and something so different than we usually do so I know everyone had a great time. 

The next spot on our city tour was dinner! We had reservations at Anchor and Hope, the perfect spot downtown for our group. Dinner was so fun and delicious! They had a long table set up for us, so it was nice to be able to visit and toast Nikki! After dinner, some of the girls and Nikki's brother and sister in law decided to call it a night, while the rest of us decided to go out. One of our friends, Laura, used to work at The Redwood Room in the Clift Hotel, and was able to get us into a booth there. As well as make sure we had lots of delicious cocktails! It was already pretty late, so we weren't there too long, but it was so fun! I know Nikki had a blast, even though she paid for it the next day!

I wish I had pictures for you from the second half of our day, but I didn't bring my camera or even take pictures on my phone! So you'll have to trust me that it was a great night! I linked to a few Instagram pictures throughout the post too, in case you want to check those out! The best part about living in this city is that I'm surrounded by so many wonderful friends. We always find an excuse to celebrate, and when the sweetest girl is getting married, we knew we had to dedicate a day to celebrating with her! 

Also, Happy Halloween!! I was in costume a week early this year for my Golden Birthday Party! Are you going to dress up this year? What's your costume? 

Here's a peek at my costume from last year, and the years prior! 

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  1. Very cool celebration!! Unique and special!! Hope you are enjoying your time in Mexico!!!


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