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Our Love Story - Part I

To tell our complete love story, you'll have to go back, way back to 2005 when we were attending Sonoma State University. Andrew and I didn't have any classes together, he was a Business major, and I was Political Science, so it wasn't exactly our education that brought us together. If you told me then, that in eight years we'd be living together in San Francisco, I wouldn't have believed you.

I suppose in a way we owe our romance to the SSU Campus Rec Center. In college, both of my roommates worked at the rec center on campus. My first memory of Andrew, isn't exactly of Andrew. But rather, a story about him that my roommate told me when she got home from work one day.

She told me of this " hot guy" coming into the gym for an interview. Our other roommate, Shannon, was conducting the interview. So, after Andrew headed upstairs, Laura radioed to Shan that the next candidate was arriving, but she added a comment about his good looks. Little did Laura know, Andrew was already in the office, and heard her! (If you ask Andrew, he has no memory of this, but I find it quite amusing)!

Needless to say, he got the job at the Campus Rec, and after hearing this story, I was intrigued. But, being the quiet and shy girl that I am, I'm sure I avoided eye contact any time I saw him at the front desk. For me, Andrew was just the cute, out of my league, guy that Laura and Shan worked with. 

Campus Rec softball team (I took this picture)
As the months went on, we spent more and more of our time with Laura and Shannon's co-workers from the Rec Center, we became a little family. Going to the bars on weekends, watching our shows and making dinner during the week, and of course the annual camping trips to Pismo Beach were the highlight of our year.

Group shot - our Pismo Beach Adventure 

I had to include my favorite picture of the trip even though Andrew isn't in it! Just for fun! 
This picture makes me laugh, so much going on! 
Standard Andrew....I remember when I first saw this picture I was mortified!

It's funny thinking back, trying to remember interactions with Andrew specifically, and it still gives me butterflies. He was so outgoing and always making people laugh. I would love to hear his impression or memory of me in college, I was always so nervous around him. I guess I should have know there was something more there!

Although we spent a lot of time together in college,  it never became anything more than that. Just two people with the same group of friends. It wasn't until five years after graduation that we would see each other again, and that's all it took....

All of us after graduation...Charlie and Audra (far left) are now married with an adorable daughter, and Chris (back row 2nd from right) and Laura (purple dress far right) are married too!
The best part is, we're all still great friends and see each other as often as we can! 

I love that we have these shared memories. I think it makes our relationship so much stronger. It's especially fun when we have memories that we don't even realize are connected. A few weeks ago, we were talking about scary movies (after we saw a preview on TV). Andrew was saying that he hadn't seen one since college when The Omen came out (on 6/6/2006). Our friend Staci loved scary movies and got a big group of us to go the night it came out. It was so funny to realize that we had gone to the movie together! Or when he tells me stories of his snowboarding adventures in college. My roommate Shannon always went with him, so I've heard her version of all of them before.  It makes me feel even more connected to him, that we have a shared history and college experience.  

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned next week when our love story continues!

I'm a sucker for any love story. It's always one of the first pages I visit when I find a new blog. I can't help it, I'm a hopeful romantic and just love, love! If you've posted your love story please share, even though I've probably already read it :)

**P.S. what's with our sunglasses!? So happy that style has changed...




  1. that is so crazy!! how funny! I am always amused when russ and I find funny connections from before we were dating.

  2. Oh.My.God. you have got to be kidding me! My Dad went to Sonoma State and 3 of my cousins! Haha. I always wanted to go there like my Dad when I was a kid and then on to Stanford like he did (yea right) but we moved! To weird.
    Also - how sweet is your love story??? B & I went to college together had mutual friends but never hung out. It is so cute how you guys did hang out - but were never together. I love the moments when you find out memories that intertwine!
    You two are so cute. And - girl I know what you mean about the sunglasses. been there, worn them. Ugh.

  3. Cute story! Whenever there was a cute guy around, I always avoided eye contact too! haha. I was really shy around all the good-looking boys. It is really fun that you knew each other for a while before you got together. It means it was meant to be! :) Here's the story of our sort of first date:

  4. This is seriously the cutest story ever! I love hearing about how others met!

    xx Cara

  5. I love when people share their love stories too! I agree that history like this makes a relationship that much stronger. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to read more next week.


  6. LOVED this Theresa!!
    Can't wait to read the next one. The pictures make it that much better!


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