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Well, it seems as though it's going to be another long week, boo! On the plus side, I have a fun night planned with the girls tonight, so that's getting me through the work day!

My wonderful friend Erica (who I'm friends with in real life, too) tagged me in this "Old School Blogging" post.  Basically, lists of five things. And ya'll know I love lists, so I couldn't resist playing along!
I hope you all enjoy a good, random post as much as I do! Here it goes...

Five Things I Have a Passion For:
1.       Travel
2.      Family & Friends
3.      Being Outdoors
4.      Photography (just starting to pick it up)!
5.      Blogging

Five Things I'd Like to do Before I Die:
1.       Travel the world (See why Erica and I are such good friends)?
2.      Live in a Tuscan Villa for at least one summer.
3.      Have a lake house with a dock and boat
4.      Write a Book (also illustrate a children's book for my Dad...better get to writing Dad)!
5.      Find a career I love

Five Things I Say A Lot:
1.      "I want to go to there" - I know it doesn't really make sense, I picked it up from Andrew. We say it when we see a place we want to travel to, or a restaurant we want to try. It's become quite the catch phrase at our house.  
2.      "athletos" or, " I want to put on athletos" - Our word for comfy clothes. I say it every day, it's the first thing I do when I get home.
3.      "Six one, half dozen the other" - Andrew had never heard this before!?
4.      "Sorry" - I am a people pleaser, so I am quick to apologize if I think I've inconvenienced anyone, or hurt their feelings in the slightest. 
5.      "Mmmm" - It's more of a noise really, does that count? Andrew says I do this after taking the first bite of something if I'm really hungry. What can I say, I love food!
This one was so hard! I can't really think of any phrases I use all the time!

Five Books and/or Magazines I've Read Lately:
1.       Hunger Games Trilogy
2.      Sarah's Key
3.      All of my favorite blogs
4.      Kite Runner
5.      A Thousand Splendid Suns
Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns weren't recent reads, but two of my all time favorites! I'm looking forward to reading And The Mountains Echoed. The latest book by Khaled Hosseini. And a bonus, since I've been slacking in the reading department the top five books on my reading list:
1.       And The Mountains Echoed
2.      Wild
3.      Proof of Heaven - I had read an article about this and was so intrigued, but after reading Stephanie's review, I'm dying to learn more.
4.      Unbroken
5.      The Deep End of the Ocean

Five Favorite Movies:
1.       White Christmas
2.      The Holiday
3.      180* South
4.      The Labyrinth (don't laugh)
5.      Midnight in Paris
Movies are tough. I like so many, it's hard to narrow it down to just the top 5!

Five Places I'd Love to Travel:
1.       Everywhere
2.      Croatia
3.      Costa Rica
4.      Ireland
5.      South Africa
6.      Greece
I want to travel the world! There are countless places I'd love to see. And my list keeps getting longer and longer. My instinct is to keep going back to Italy because I'm obsessed, but I refrained from putting that on the list since there are so many amazing places I have yet to explore!

Five People I Tag to Join Me:
1.       Heather @ Fiery & Opinionated
2.      Chantal @ B In The Bay
3.      Kasey @ Life & Love With Mr. Wonderful
4.      Erin @ Cali-Land Chic
5.      Tina @ Carrots n' Cake

Don't feel like you have to play along, I am just curious to see what your answers are! And I thought it may be a fun post idea if you were feeling otherwise, uninspired :)

Is it Friday yet?



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  1. This is fun!! Thanks for the tag!! if I ever blog I will do it! (I am such a slacker!)

  2. You want to write a book? That's so cool Theresa! I would definitely buy it, just because it's you. And a Tuscan villa?? Whenever I think of Tuscany, I always think about that movie with Diane Lane....Under The Tuscan Sun. Such a cute movie!

    LOVE The Holiday. I will never get sick of that movie. I've never heard of 180* South though...what's that about?

    Ireland is on my travel list too. Let's go!

    Thanks for tagging me :)

  3. I LOVE White Christmas! I don't get people who don't like that movie. It's classic! Also Kite Runner is a great book! Splendid Suns is on my reading list. Has been for a while actually. I need to get on that.


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