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Camping Essentials

We're busy packing tonight, getting ready for our trip to Tuolumne Meadows. I'm so excited, but a little overwhelmed with everything we still need to get done tonight! 

I thought I'd share a few of my camping essentials with you. Of course, this list leaves off a few necessities like a stove and food, but I included the important stuff, like cookies and wine! I am notoriously cold, so my top priority is bringing as many warm clothes as I can fit into my bag! We do a lot of hiking while we're there, so I usually bring my most comfortable workout clothes, hiking boots, a water bottle and a day pack as well. 

At least one day, we usually hike up to the river and relax for a bit, so I always bring a good book. In the evenings, one of our traditions is to play Yahtzee after dinner, we get pretty competitive, it's always fun! 

I hope you enjoy my little list of camping essentials. Do you like camping? What is on your packing list?

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  1. I love camping! I hope you have fun! I'm with you on the warm clothes :)

  2. My hubby and I love to go camping! It looks like you have all of the necessities - have a great trip!

  3. I am a terrible camper. My camping essentials include lots of booze and a good book.

  4. I'm with Serena on the camping essentials!! I did camp at Lake Shasta a few years back which was fun and since you could "shower" in the lake it wasn't so bad. Have fun!!

  5. Oh I would love to go camping. Somewhere on Russian River. But I don't have anything of this stuff. :) I think I will skip camping this year and buy all the equipment in winter when it is on sale. ;)

  6. we just went camping in Yosemite too! so fun! im terrible though and haven't even put the pictures on my computer yet! oops!


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