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The Retreat At The Ranch with School of Styling and Haute Off The Rack


I'm so excited (and nervous) to be heading to my first retreat this Sunday. I've always wanted to go on one of the fun trips I've seen bloggers organize (like Atlas Adventures)! that look amazing. But I always worried that it was geared towards younger, single women. And don't have the means to take an expensive, extended trip without Andrew and the boys. I had been wishing there was some type of retreat or trip that focused on Moms, and the very next day I saw a reel promoting that exact thing! 

I've been following Jennifer with Haute Off the Rack for years, since the early blogging days. And when she posted about this retreat, I had a gut reaction that I needed to attend. The theme is entrepreneurs who are mothers, and I don't have a business, but something about it called to me. I have always dreamed of making this blog become something more than a hobby, and this felt like a way to kickstart that so it became reality. I have held myself back from fear for years, and this was just the push I needed. Although they said it was already sold out, I emailed and there was one shared room at the ranch available still so I swooped on it. I am so thankful that Andrew was supportive. 

I'm not sure exactly what to expect, and it's very far out of my comfort zone to go do something like this alone, but I think that is just what I need. I started 2023 off with a mission to find myself after becoming a mother, and I have done a pretty great job of staying focused on that path. I think this is just another step to figuring out where I am headed. 

I'm so excited for everything I will learn and experience while I'm there. And I plan to share it all with you. One of my goals has been to start sharing more on social media, something necessary for turning this blog into more than a little hobby and creative outlet, and what better content to start sharing. 

Now, back to packing and trying to make sure I'm ready to leave for 4 days. Getting myself ready, making sure I'm caught up at work, and having the house ready for me to be gone for a few days is a big undertaking! Thankfully my mother in law is coming up Sunday to be here while I'm gone. So I know everything at the house will be just fine. I just need to nail down my outfits and everything to pack! Jennifer so kindly put together a little packing inspiration for the trip, and I have my Rent the Runway scheduled to arrive today, so hopefully it comes together. But knowing me, I'll be making a trip to the mall for last minute things tomorrow!

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