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Our Fall Front Porch

Earlier this week I took an hour or so to finish decorating our front port for Fall and Halloween. I have always loved October (my birthday month) and since having kids have really leaned into Halloween decor. It's so fun for them! 

We had already gotten pumpkins earlier in the month at our visits to various pumpkin patches, but I went to our local nursery to get the flowers. I love how everything came together. It brings me so much joy to see our festive front porch when I get home or look out the front window. I still need a couple smaller pots for the last two plants, but they don't look terrible in the black nursery pots for now.

For me, this is a form of self care. I felt such happiness being outside for a few minutes arranging my flowers and pumpkins. And I finally got our bats to stay up on the house with command strips. I think my painters tape must be 'old' and lost some of it's stickiness. Last year the tape kept them up all month, so I can't think of another reason it wasn't working this year. And our cute witch hats hanging on the porch make me so happy! They're so festive without being too spooky. 

Do you decorate for Halloween? Tag me in your porch photos so I can see your decorations too! 

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