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Palm Springs Packing Essentials

I'm sooooo excited for my long weekend in Palm Springs celebrating my friends upcoming wedding! We've rented an incredible house with a huge pool and tiki bar! Based on the weather forecast, we'll be spending 99.9% of our time in the pool! Good thing we'll be armed with pool floaties and ice cold beverages!

I've been laying out clothes, trying to decide what to bring, and really there's not much to it! What more could I possibly need than this?.....

Palm Springs

And of packing list has a little something extra because we're having an 80's theme pool day! Oh yes, it's going to be awesome! You have no idea the 80's one-piece gems we've found on Ebay and Etsy! I can't wait to see our pictures from 80's day, I know they're going to be absolutely ridiculous and amazing!

Palm Springs 80's Theme Pool Party

We leave bright and early tomorrow morning so I hope you all have an awesome rest of your week! I have a few posts lined up for you, but if you're curious what a group of 12 crazy girls are up to in Palm Springs, be sure to follow on Instagram for a glimpse at our weekend! 


  1. 80s pool day sounds like a blast! I hope you drink a lot of Miami Vice's! haha My sister just got back from Palm Springs, I have never been!

  2. Those sunglasses are fab! As is that bikini!

  3. How exciting! Palm Springs is so beautiful. Hot, but beautiful. :) Also, I know the second outfit is 80s themed but I actually kinda love it. And the bikini...


  4. Loveee! I've been keeping up via your Insta pics, looks like so much fun :-)


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