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Songs of Summer - Country Playlist

I don't know what it is about Summer, but it makes me long for my country roots and all I want to listen to is some good ol' country music! If you can believe it, there are NO I mean, Zip. Zero. country radio stations in San Francisco!! It's seriously depressing. I was majorly missing out, until a friend filled me in on an amazing secret...

I'm sure you guys know about iTunes Radio by now (basically the same as Pandora) BUT iTunes Radio has a Top 50 Country Songs station, which is the Top 50 Country Songs that have been downloaded on iTunes each week. It's amazing! Now I can keep up to date on all the latest Country Music, all summer long! And if I want to listen to the classic stuff, I just switch over to my iTunes library.

There's nothing like driving with your windows down, sunroof open, and country music blasting on a hot summer day. Granted I have to leave the city to have any sort of summer weather, but I'll take what I can get. I should probably be embarrassed to admit how much joy this little station has brought me over the past few months! It gives me a little taste of summer while I'm hanging out in the fog.

This reminds me, I haven't been to a country concert in years! There is nothing like an outdoor country concert in the summer. I used to go to at least 2 or 3 a year back home, but as you can imagine, country music fans are harder to find in the big city and there aren't many country concert options :(

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this playlist of my current country favorites!


  1. I was so sad when we lost 95.7 to the A's!! When we bought the new car we purchased XM for five months. My car has been non stop country ever since!

  2. What? I didn't know there was an iTunes radio! How cool is that.
    And it seriously depresses me that there aren't any country music stations in SF...that's just wrong!

  3. Another country music lover residing in SF here... I usually just listen to Pandora but will definitely have to checkout iTunes radio! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Lovvveee country. I'm so excited I get to see Jason Aldean on September 27th this year. I just listen to spotify every day at work and it's always on country. :)

  5. Uncle Allan and I loved the old country music!!!


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