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Hiking in the American River Canyon

Way back in May, we spent a weekend up in the foothills with my family (same trip as yesterday's post). My parents had been on a cross-country road trip for five weeks, and we were anxious to see them again! 

On Saturday, when my parents were settling in after being gone for so long; my sister, Phillip, Andrew and I decided to go for a hike. We met in Auburn to hike in the American River canyon. We're lucky to have so many great trails right in our back yard! We chose a trail that goes to the Auburn dam site, which thankfully was never built. It would be so sad to have lost this beautiful canyon filled with mountain biking and hiking trails. 

It was a relatively flat, out and back trip. But, even though we left in the morning, it was HOT by the time we finished. Poor Louis really struggled, so we learned we can't take him on hikes that long anymore :( at least not when it's so hot. Since Louis was having a hard time with the heat, and it was getting close to Phillip's nap time, we turned around before we made it to the river, but we still got a solid 6 miles in. 

It was a great way to start our day. I really miss being able to spend a lot of time with my sister and Phillip, and enjoyed catching up and visiting while we walked. Little Phillip is a trooper in the backpack too, it was good practice for our Yosemite trip! 

Auburn Dam Site
Remnants from the Gold Mining days...

Poor Louis was hot and tired, 6 miles is too long for this pup

Fun Fact: The Foresthill Bridge is the tallest bridge in CA and Vin Diesel drove across it for the movie Triple X (xXx).
"Sisters, Sisters..."


  1. So fun!! It looks hot because the lack of shade from trees. Mining remanants are super cool! When Buddy was a puppy he was a rock star hiking! But, a couple of years ago we took him tent camping(which he loved), and did a couple of waterfall hikes one day with him. They were short but it was hot and he overexterted himself. We literally thought he might die! I was so scared and swear I would never do that again with him. He now goes to his grandparents. :(( Made me very sad that he's not able to hang anymore.

  2. impressed your sister picked the little guy for 6 miles!

  3. I wish we had more cook hiking trails down here in So Cal near Sam and I....we are seriously lacking in that department.

  4. How very special to have such a close relationship with your Sis along with being able to have fun together!!!


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