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Porks Chops with Spicy Sautéed Summer Peaches and Cauliflower Mash

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I threw together a random dinner that ended up being so delicious, I knew I had to make it again so I could share it with you all!

It was so simple and easy, but the results were anything but! I promise this won't disappoint, and it might even impress a few dinner guests.

Months ago, my Mom made a simple pork chop for Andrew when she was visiting, it was so good we've continued to make it as a staple in our weeknight dinner rotation. But boy, did we kick it up a notch by topping it with spicy sautéed peaches! It's borderline dessert - for dinner!

 Let's get to the recipe, shall we?

Ingredients -
For the Pork:
4 Boneless Pork Chops
salt & pepper 
1/3 cup flour
3 tablespoons olive oil

For the Peaches:
2 large peaches
1 jalapeño, seeded
1 small purple onion, sliced
2 teaspoons olive oil

Directions -
First, slice your onion, jalapeno and peaches. On medium heat sauté the onion and jalapeno in olive oil for about 10 minutes until tender, stirring occasionally. Then add peaches and cook for another 10-15 minutes until the onion caramelizes and the peaches soften and release their juices. 

While the topping caramelizes, season the pork with salt and pepper on both sides. Then dredge in flour to coat. Heat 3 tablespoons olive oil in a nonstick skillet to medium-high heat, add pork chops and sear for 2-3 minutes on each side. Then reduce heat and cook for about 10 minutes or until the center reaches 150* and let rest. 

Top pork chops with sautéed peaches and enjoy!

Be sure to test your jalapeño for spice! We left the seeds because we like things hot, but if you don't spice be sure to remove the seeds or omit the jalapeño all together. 

This is the perfect recipe for those over-ripe, bruised, and juicy peaches! 

Let the onion and jalapeño cook for a few minutes before adding the peaches.

Lucky for you, I have a bonus recipe. A healthy little side dish to serve with your pork chops. The other day I was browsing Instagram, and stumbled upon this picture from Chrissy Teigen (LOVE her) that peaked my interest...cauliflower mash. Now, I've made mashed cauliflower a few times, but I've never been smitten by the texture. Hers however, looked blended, so I knew I had to give it a try. It was amazing! Andrew kept saying, "I swear these are potatoes" and if he didn't watch me make it, he probably wouldn't have believed it was cauliflower. He's determined to make it for someone and trick them into thinking it's mashed potatoes. 

It's super fast & simple, and I know it will be a regular item on the menu at our house. I hope you like it, too!

1/2 head of cauliflower
2 teaspoons butter (REAL butter)
salt & pepper
1 tiny clove of garlic
3 tablespoons shredded parmesan cheese
chopped green onion or chives 

Steam cauliflower for about 10 minutes. (If you don't have a vegetable steamer, steel the one your parents got as a wedding gift or microwave in a glass bowl tightly covered in plastic wrap for about 6-8 minutes).

Once the cauliflower is cooked, remove from the stove and place in a large glass bowl. Add butter, salt, pepper, and garlic. Use an immersion blender to completely puree the cauliflower. It should be totally smooth. Lastly, stir in parmesan cheese and garnish with green onion/chives.

If you haven't noticed, I'm having auto-focus issues with my camera, any tips?

This was the perfect side for the pork chop and sautéed peaches, but would pretty much taste great with anything! As Andrew says, "You Can't Believe It's Not Potatoes!"

What's your favorite summer fruit? As you might have guessed, I've been on a major peach kick lately! 


  1. Yum!! I'm not a big fan of fresh peaches but I do like them cooked! This looks delish. :)

    Re the autofocus issues - where are you trying to focus in the frame and which focal point are you using? The autofocus works best when it's over a point of high contrast so if you're aiming, say, for just the cauliflower and it's pretty much all the same color, autofocus might have trouble figuring out what you're trying to focus on. Same goes if the two tones are too similar/not contrasted enough or if there's not enough light to create light/dark contrast (e.g. the cheese and the wood cutting board might be too close in color tone for the camera to pick up contrast). Also, the center focus point is usually the most accurate so sometimes it helps to use that one to focus and then recompose rather than using one of the focal points on the outer edges. You could also try shooting with manual focus to make sure everything is still working properly and it's not a camera issue, too. Hope that helps!

  2. This looks like something you'd order at a fancy pants restaurant! Can't wait to try it!

  3. We rarely eat pork chops-- in fact I don't think we've ever made them since I've been married, but this sounds so amazing! I'm impressed you just threw this together-- it sounds like so many amazing flavors together in one dish! I am definitely trying that cauliflower mash! I loved mashed potatoes but know they aren't so good for you, so that sounds like an awesome solution!


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