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San Francisco Designer Showcase 2014

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the San Francisco Designer Showcase! I had heard about the Designer Showcase in previous years, but never had the opportunity to attend. Andrew's mom was staying with us Mother's Day weekend, which coincided with the event. She loves interior decor as much as I do, so it was the perfect activity. 

I didn't bring my nice camera with me, because I wasn't sure if they allowed photos. But I snapped a ton of pictures with my iPhone while we were there and I wanted to share them with you. Some of the rooms weren't my taste at all, I didn't care for the master bedroom, but a lot of spaces I absolutely loved! There were so many amazing details everywhere you looked.  

Immediately when you walk in, the grand foyer has the most amazing cowhide rug flooring with metallic accents. It was incredible, I want one in my house. The views were incredible from the back of the house, overlooking the Marina and Bay. And we visiting on a beautiful sunny day, no fog in sight! 

One of my favorite rooms was the artist studio. Again, the floor was so unique, it was the raw sub-floor with an abstract paint design. It looked as though the paint cans had just been knocked over and spread around. If someday I have a large craft room, I am going to recreate it. It was perfectly, imperfect. There was also a small bathroom off the studio, which they had styled perfectly. I loved the bucket in the sink filled with used paintbrushes.

Two other favorites were the kids' bedrooms. The owners had two young boys, so the rooms were designed for them. Each had famous wallpaper from the 1970's that they kept intact. The Little Roamers Room was my favorite, it was so clever and unique. The tent would be any childs dream, who doesn't love a big fort!? And I couldn't get over that patterned wallpaper. The other kids' room was a little more sophisticated and masculine, but still amazing. The ceiling was chalkboard paint with hand drawn airplane blueprints, and again the vintage wallpaper was my favorite part. 

Another favorite room was the kitchen and seating area off the kitchen. Andrew and I said we could just live entirely in that space. The views were amazing, and there was a deck off the sitting area that would be the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine or morning cup of coffee. There was a pretty amazing light fixture in the kitchen, with tiny crystals that were attached with magnets and reflected the light beautifully. Although I wouldn't choose black cabinets myself, the room was just filled with light and you couldn't ignore the view. I never wanted to leave! We talked with the designer a bit, and he said they chose black so the room itself would disappear, and you could take in the view. I'd say they were successful with that! The huge garden window was also impressive, I could see planting herbs there for convenience. Once of the most impressive things in the space was an art installation on the wall. It was chainmail attached to a magnetic board. So you could literally throw it at the wall, and the and it would attach to the magnets and create a different art piece each time. They say: "Chalkboard walls out, Chainmail art in."

Another unique space was one Andrew's sisters friend worked on. It was a new twist to the wine cellar. It had vibrant lighting and a mirrored ceiling that made the room feel much larger and brighter than it actually was. I loved the bottles of infused liquor displayed on floating shelves, and there were coasters complete with drink recipes. The room had a vintage, apothecary feel to it, which I loved. 

There were so many amazing spaces in the house, it's impossible to cover them all. This post has some great pictures and details about the house if you're interested in seeing more. I'll definitely be going back next year. I have always loved peaking into people's homes, especially huge mansions in San Francisco! I was so impressed by all the designers and how they created such unique spaces. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures and mini-tour of the San Francisco Designer Showcase! 

Have you ever been to a designer showcase or open house like this?

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  1. Can I decorate my home with all of these things?!

  2. This looks beyond amazing! I love architecture so much and how much design inspiration would you get from something like this?! The chainmail art/wall sounds like such a cool feature! You got some really great pictures!

  3. I've been to several events like this and just love them. The best are the ones held during the holiday season!

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  5. I've never been to anything like this. There were some really cool things in your pictures. I really liked the different light fixtures and that sink.

    I found you through the let's be friends link up.


  6. Wow, what a fun opportunity!! And look at all of your wonderful photos :)
    I love that tile in the shower...that's such a pretty teal (?) color...


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