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Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

Thank you for being the greatest Dad there is. I'm so lucky to have had a wonderful role model and parent. You always believed in Christine and I and encouraged us to follow our dreams. I'm so lucky that you've always been so involved in our lives, I'm forever grateful for everything you've taught us and what I've learned from watching you. 

I hope that I make you proud, and that I have grown up to be the person you'd hoped your daughter would become. I am so glad we're so close are are able to do things together like hiking, climbing and visiting on the deck at Sunnyside. I always love our conversations, there is always so much to learn. And you give the best advice! 

I hope you have a wonderful day, I'm sorry I'm not home to celebrate with you. But I look forward to seeing you next weekend, we'll just celebrate a week late! 

I love you very much! Happy Fathers Day!


To celebrate, I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories....

When you read to us growing up. 

As a little girl, meeting you at the front door (or in the garage) when you'd get home from work. 

Our trip to Yosemite with just Christine, you and I - "Ditch the Dodo"

Our East Cost trip as a family - "No more old buildings, Dad" - and now I love visiting old buildings! No question where I get that from! 

When we went skiing at Squaw Valley

Rock climbing in Tuloumne Meadows

Jumping off our rock into Tenaya Lake

All our trips up Lembert Dome

Climbing Mt. Whitney with you and Mom

Backpacking when I burned my foot and we went fishing

Walks along the canal 

Learning how to drive in the Colfax High School parking lot.

Frozen yogurt in Colfax

Many long road trips in the Vanagon 

Camping in the Red Rocks

Holiday's at Grams House

Christmas Mornings

The Bracebridge Dinner in Yosemite

When you come to visit in San Francisco


I have so many wonderful memories, but I wanted to relive just a few! Thank you for being the greatest Dad there is! We're so lucky :) 

Love you! 

Dinner overlooking Tuscany in Assisi, Italy
Sharing our favorite meal: Steamed Mussels in Switzerland


  1. Happy Father's Day to your Dad! Looks like you guys have shared some awesome times together -- so many adventures!

  2. Great post! You have your Dad's smile. Love that your parents are so active. That's how I strive to be with Shelby.


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