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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Why is it that the weekend always go by so quickly?

My weekend was really nice. The weather wasn't quite as lovely as they had promised, but it was beautiful nonetheless. Our friends from home drove into the city around 11:30 Saturday morning, so we met them at Dixie Restaurant in the Presidio. Since I had eaten breakfast earlier, I just ordered a Bloody Mary. And man, it was a good one. The waitress told us they smoke the tomatoes to make the base. It gave it a really unique flavor, almost like a chipotle Bloody Mary.  

After brunch we walked down to the beach at Crissy Field so that my friends daughter, Avery could fly her kite. She has the book, Good Night San Francisco and she wanted to do everything in the book while they were here. It made me excited for when my niece or nephew gets old enough to come visit me in the city. When my sister told me she was pregnant, I got her that book as well, so it was fun to think about that as we watched little Avery play in the sand.

Old Friends at the Palace of Fine Arts

Corrie and I laughing at the cute St. Bernard puppy!
 **Pictures above from my friend Erica, check out her great blog! She's amazing!
It was pretty cold at the beach so we walked back up to Erica's house in the Marina. We had some snacks and caught up on old times while Avery napped. After a while, I headed home to get a few things done before we met for an early dinner at Tommy's Mexican Restaurant. It was my first time there and I had heard it was the best Mexican in the city, i.e. the best Margaritas in the city! Both the food and margaritas were excellent! We'll definitely be going back.

Tommy's Famous Margaritas did not disappoint
Sunday ended up being a really productive day. We were up early to work on getting the apartment organized so we can finally feel settled. We started with organizing our closets. I love this kind of stuff, it felt so good once we were finished. Now that we have more space, it's nice to separate our everyday clothes from things we don't use as often like snow or camping gear. I feel so spoiled to have an apartment with four walk-in closets, closet space is definitely a luxury item in San Francisco.

Neckties for him/Shoes for her

Once we got the closets organized, we went for a nice walk to enjoy the sunshine (where was the sun on Saturday)? We walked towards the Presidio to a park we had seen on another walk, and discovered some trails that lead into the Presidio. It will be perfect for shorter hikes in the evening once the day's get longer. When we got home we looked in our Bay Area Hiking books, but didn't find many Presidio trails listed, so we'll have to research more on that.

We spent the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning the house. Then headed out for our weekly trip to Trader Joes. We're trying to be really good at making (and sticking to) meal plans to save money and make sure we're eating healthy. We also had Andrew's sister over for dinner last night. It's so nice that she lives in the city too, so that they can spend more time together. I remember when Andrew and I first started dating, he described her as the female version of him. Which I've come to know was pretty accurate. They're definitely entertaining together, and it's so fun to be able to spend more time with her now. We made a really great Cajun stew for dinner.  It was delicious AND healthy, stay tuned for the recipe tomorrow!

I actually went to bed last night feeling relaxed and ready to face the week. I even managed to get up this morning to go to the gym before work. I used to be in the habit of going every morning, but I fell off the wagon and now it feels nearly impossible to get up so early. I wanted to start this week with my best foot forward, and make an effort to really focus on exercise and making it a part of my daily routine again.

How was your weekend? Do you have any tips for getting back into a fitness routine after you've slacked off a bit?

Be sure to come by tomorrow for my Cajun Stew recipe! It's a good one!



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