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Everyday Makeup

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway through the week! I think this week seems to be dragging a little bit slower than usual because I'm so excited to go home and spend the weekend with my family! Especially the newest member! I can't believe he is almost two weeks old! That seems crazy, I haven't spent nearly enough time snuggling him!

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I don't know about you, but I love seeing what types of beauty and makeup products other people use, and what their favorites are. Because hey, what girl doesn't want to learn a few makeup tips and tricks? So I thought I would share my favorite basic makeup products with you. 

I generally keep it pretty simple when it comes to makeup. Unless I am going out to celebrate or getting dressed up, I stick to the basics. This is partially because I am too lazy to get up an extra half hour earlier in the mornings, but I digress...

On the average day, I usually only spend about 10 minutes on my makeup. These are my favorite products that I can't live without.

1.         Lotion with SPF - I am really picky about face lotion. I need sunscreen for my daily moisturizer, but I HATE  the smell/feel of sunscreen on my face. Finding something to meet these requirements is tricky business. Thankfully, I discovered Laline, their Face The Day Lightweight Lotion with Vitamin E and SPF25 is great! I've been using it for about a year now and have no complaints. I also like that it is SPF 25, most lotions I've found have no more than SPF 15.
2.         Concealer - I like using concealer under my eyes and around my nose and cheeks to cover redness. But I like my makeup to look natural, and not cakey. I found this MAC Moisturecover Concealer a couple years ago and have been really happy with it. It's thin, but still has great coverage.

3.         Powder - I really like the MAC Studio Fix concealer and powder in one. A friend recommended it to me years ago, and I still use it. It has really great coverage, but again doesn't look cakey or feel heavy on my face. I've heard that MAC products aren't the best for your skin, but I haven't had a problem with it.

4.         Bronzer - I am a creature of habit. When they discontinued my favorite bronzer a while back, I started using Bare Escentuals Warmth, because at the time most of the makeup I used was Bare Escentuals. I like it, even though you have to be careful or it goes on too dark.  Are there any other bronzers out there I should know about?

5.         Blush - I use Joyous Jennifer blush from Bare Escentuals. I love it. It has a little shimmer to it that I really like. It's not too pink, and I think it looks natural. Definitely one I will continue to buy.

6.         Eyeliner - This MAC power point liner in "engraved" is the best eyeliner I've found. I wear liner on my bottom lashes, and hate when it rubs off and it ends up looking like you have two black eyes. This waterproof liner stays on all day. It is tricky to get off, but the MAC makeup remover or remover wipes do the trick.

7.         Lash Curler - For me, curling my lashes makes a huge difference. I feel like I look half asleep if I skip this step. My mom got me this curler for Christmas years ago, and it works great. Whenever I go makeup free, I almost always still curl my lashes. I think it makes a huge difference.

8.          Mascara - Run, don't walk to the nearest Nordstrom and buy this Trish McEvoy lash curling mascara. I promise you'll never look back. I used to always hate how my mascara ended up under my eyes, making it look like I hadn't slept in weeks. My friend told me about this mascara and as soon as I tried it, I was hooked. It comes off like eraser dust! (Seriously!) And it never smears or runs, even when you cry your eyes out! It is THE BEST makeup product ever. One of those things you take with you to a deserted island, good! This is the most expensive makeup item I use, but it is well worth it.

             Tip: Nordstrom has a mascara sale twice a year around the time of the Half Yearly Sale. Buy two get one free!

9.         Chapstick - I love the look of lipstick. Red, pink, brown, glossy, matte. I love it all. Only problem is, I never remember to wear, much less buy, lipstick. So generally, I am wearing Chapstick or Burt's Bees. Probably better for my lips, but a little lackluster.

Well, there is my rather boring makeup routine, but I like to keep in basic.  It's quick in the morning before work, but I still feel put together. Plus, this way I feel like there is more of a "wow" factor when I actually do take my time and get ready. Best of both worlds!

What are your favorite makeup products? Do you stick to one brand, or use a variety?



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