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Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To (Baby Tuff Edition)

No, my sister is NOT naming the baby Tuff,
it's just the nickname that stuck since they don't know if they're having a boy or girl.

With my sister's due date fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to list some of the things I am most excited about once my little niece or nephew arrives. I can't believe in just a few days, my sister will become a Mommy. It's pretty amazing. She has always had a special connection with kids, and I am so excited for this next chapter in her life. It will be so fun having a new member in the family!

These are just some of the things I've enjoyed most when playing with my close friends' kids, and things I think about when I imagine life as an Auntie.
1.         Snuggles: This one is pretty obvious. I can't wait to snuggle up with the little peanut. Baby's smell so good! I love when they just sleep in your arms or grab onto your finger and look up at you when you hold them.

2.         Holidays: I LOVE holidays. We always have big family gatherings for every holiday, any excuse to see each other. I cannot wait for the next one now that there will be a baby. I am especially excited for Christmas this year. I am already obsessed with all things Christmas, but it will be even more special with a little one around.

3.         Read Stories: When we were kids, my parents read to us every night. I have very vivid memories of this and I think it's important. For my sister's baby shower we had guests bring a book for baby Tuff, so we already have a lot of reading material.

4.         Camping: We love camping in my family and it will be so much fun going once the baby is a little older and can hike, fish and roast marshmallows.  
5.         Exploring: I hope to spend a lot of time with baby Tuff exploring outside. Collecting leaves on walks, looking for buried treasures, anything we may come up with together ;-)

6.         Games: We'll start with peek-a-boo, but when Tuff is a little older it will be fun to play hide and seek, play with cars or trains, and sports too!

7.         Craft Projects: Finger painting! Making fun gifts for Mom and Dad when I babysit. So many fun projects we can do together.

8.         Beach: I love the beach, who doesn't? And I know it will be so fun building sand castles, flying kites, and exploring tide pools with baby Tuff.

9.         San Francisco Trip: I can't wait for my sister, Josh and baby Tuff to come visit me in San Francisco. We can walk around the park, play on the beach, go to the Exploratorium and aquarium, the options are endless. And I'll do my best to help raise baby Tuff right, as a GIANTS fan! Much to Dad's chagrin.

10.       Park: I don't know why this is last, because it is one of the things I am most excited about. It will be so fun when Tuff discovers the joy of the swings and the excitement of going down a slide for the first time.

Clearly, I am overjoyed that I will soon be "Auntie T". I know I can't even begin to dream up all of the fun we'll have together, or what the future holds. But it is certainly fun to try!


A few weeks ago, one of their friends put together a pool to guess the baby's gender, birth date, weight, etc. She is officially due this Saturday, the 9th, but my guess was March 13th. Now I am starting to think the baby is staying put for a while, but we'll see how I did soon enough.

What are some fun activities you've done with your nieces and nephews? I bet my friend Erica has some great ideas for me on her blog!



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