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A New Mindset + Morning Routine

I've always wished that I was a morning person. That I would wake up happy and ready to start the day, rise early to get in my workout or have some 'me' time before everyone else is awake. In reality, I'm ready to get up and start my day around 8am after laying in bed for a bit gradually waking up. In the past few months I've been doing a lot of reading and soul searching, trying to be the best version of myself. And I have finally figured out that with some habit and mindset changes, I can become a morning person. 

It was after a FaceTime date with one of my besties, Kristin that I was really inspired and had more direction about how to focus my energy and what steps I could take.  We did a Hawaiian Mana Card reading which was so fun! It's not like a tarot card or fortune telling, it actually was so fun and helped me recognize on aspects of my life that I needed to focus on and learn to interpret my own thoughts and desires more clearly. Mana Cards each represent an element of Hawaiian Wisdom or Mythology that offer insight into a problem or guidance about a goal. Shel lived in Hawaii for a while and is starting a coaching business so I was happy to be a guinea pig with a session. It was so fun, I highly recommend it! She's in the process of moving now but I'll let you know when she starts coaching again and link to her site! 

Beyond the card reading we also talked about ways I can use a morning routine to set intention and really create a positive effect on my entire day, and therefore life. When we hung up I was so motivated and inspired! I'm sure some of that was from spending that time with a dear friend, but also I just felt like she helped me gain a little direction for how to live my best life. She gave me a little bit of homework and suggestions for things I can incorporate into my day to notice positive change. 

Kristin recommended this morning meditation video that I have gotten completely obsessed with. It also lead me to learn more about Abraham Hicks and how our mindset can have such a huge impact on our life. I now try to focus my energy on things I am grateful for, as well as visualizing my dreams as if they have already happened, feeling what that is like, and being grateful or what is to come. It sounds so crazy, but I've found the more I practice the easier it has become. 

In addition to the morning meditation while I drink coffee or slowly wake up, Kristin suggested a guided meditation on an app like Headspace or Calm. After meditating, I would play music and write in my gratitude journal, then do my affirmations and visualization practice. Part of the homework was to create a vision board. I had so much fun doing this, it brought me back to all the collages I made as an adolescent for my room with magazine cutouts. I visualized the life of my dreams (with no restrictions) and printed images that reflected that. I have it in my office and it makes me so happy to see each day. I also wrote down affirmations that again are a reflection of the life I envision. For the affirmations, I wrote them down as if they were already done. For example: I am _____. Part of the practice is that if you train your mind to feel this is already true, it allows it to happen. Another thing to note is it's best to do this full routine before ever checking your Instagram, emails, phone, etc. It helps set the tone for the day and minimize distraction. 

I wanted to share this new routine here because I think it can be so helpful, and also because while I have been able to do this here and there, I'd really like to commit to myself and make it a daily routine. I've done the morning meditation a few days a week, and having the vision board in my office helps me focus my thinking. But I would like to make this a consistent routine. I know the benefits of doing this would be huge, and of course what is a better way to keep yourself accountable than putting in out there for the world to see. 

Morning Routine


10min Good Morning Meditation  

Guided Meditation

Gratitude Journal



Kristin had given me this routine to try with exercise at the end, but I've found for me, it's best if I get the exercise done immediately before I make excuses. We'll see if I end up changing the order as it becomes more of a habit. 

My goal is to wake up and be out of bed by 6:00am to start this routine each day, I'll do another post or share on Instagram in a few weeks to let you know how it's going! I know this all seems a little woo woo but I really think there is truth to a positive mindset being the catalyst to finding joy and contentment in life. 

What is your morning routine? Have you heard of the Mindful Morning? I have heard great things about it and wonder if it's similar to this concept? 

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