Embroidered Yellow Anthropologie Dress

A few months ago when we went to San Diego for a friends wedding, I picked this cute embroidered dress up on sale at Anthropololgie. I love the mustard yellow and embroidered detail, it has a bit of a 70's feel which I love. In hindsight, I think I should have sized down at least one size because it fits quite large. But it's so comfortable, ideal for warm summer days. I wore it wine tasting and it was a perfect dress for an afternoon sipping wine with friends.

Since I love the color and pattern, I'm thinking I might get it altered so it's more fitted in the waist. That way I can wear it this fall with booties! I've lost more weight since taking these photos, and now when I put it on I feel like I'm swimming in it. Have you ever bought something you loved, only to realize later it's the wrong size? I hate that!

What are your weekend plans? I'm excited because later this morning I'm heading up to Napa to spend the weekend celebrating my friends upcoming wedding! We have a fun Bachelorette weekend planned with a pool day, wine tasting and fun dinner out.

Although this exact dress is sold out, I link a few similar options below. Or you can find my exact dress in a few sizes on ebay!


  1. Loving this dress on you, Theresa! You're beautiful!

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