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For as long as I can remember, I've always loved to travel. Growing up, most of our family vacations were camping in places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, Joshua Tree and the Red Rocks. I think I always loved exploring new places. I'm very curious by nature, so I find joy in discovering all the wonderful things each new place I visit has to offer.

My love for travel really took off when I studied abroad in Italy for a summer. It was my first time in another country, and I just fell in love with the history and culture. I've now been back to Italy a few more times, most recently with Andrew last fall. That was Andrew's first trip abroad, and although I was a little nervous what he would think, he too was bit by the travel bug and is eager to plan our next trip.

Andrew and I often daydream about our next trip, or even joke about moving to Italy. We frequently send Instagram posts to each other with new places we'd like to visit. I thought it'd be fun to share a list of some of the places we'd most love to visit. We're trying to build up our travel fund so we can take an extended trip at least every other year. Then do shorter trips each year, to places that are more affordable and won't require as much time off work.

Here's our working list of places to visit. I know there are so many more places we should add, but this is a good starting point. What are your top travel destinations?


My parents have spent the past three weeks traveling through Ireland and it's moving further and further up my list of places to visit. They've been lucky with weather, beautiful clear days. I'm an O'Brien, so I definitely need to plan a trip to the land of my ancestors. 


I think I get a lot of my travel inspiration from my parents. Years ago, I remember them telling me about their trip to Croatia and how much they loved it. And I've also been following Marshalls Abroad for years, and Amanda makes it sound like such a wonderful place. It seems similar to Italy in a lot of ways, so I know I'll fall in love right away.


This city just seems so charming and fun with great restaurants, shops and things to do. I especially want to go during tulip season in the spring to see them blooming. And of course we would want to rent bikes and bike along the river, take a boat cruise and sit at a cafe sipping wine people watching.


Helene has made me fall completely in love with Germany. I really want to go during the holidays to see the Christmas markets. The villages all look so charming and quintessentially Europe. 


image - Danielle-Moss

It seems like more and more people are traveling to Portugal lately. My boss just went a few months ago and raved about it. He said the people were all so friendly, it had great restaurants and beautiful scenery. I loved Danielle's recap of her trip, and it bumped Portugal a bit higher on my Wanderlist. With the cable car, it also reminds me of San Francisco. I think this image was one of my very first pins. 


Another one high on the list is Greece, it is such a beautiful destination that feels so inviting and relaxing. The beautiful streets and colorful blue and white buildings are so charming. And I know the food and wine will be incredible!

Cartagena, Columbia 

Recently, more and more friends have been visiting Columbia, specifically Cartagena. It wasn't really even on my radar, but I keep hearing such wonderful things about it. Two of our friends said it was similar to San Francisco, and had great food and shops to see in town. And the islands and beaches are beautiful and relaxing.


I went to France back in 2006 with my parents after my time in Italy studying abroad. My Mom and I spent a wonderful week in Paris, but I am due for another trip. Andrew and I would love to see Paris, the French countryside and the South of France. 


Most likely, we will need to plan two trips to Switzerland. One in the winter, and one in the summer. I know Andrew is dreaming of a snowboard trip, and I would love to hike in the Alps. We've thought about doing a Northern Italy and Switzerland trip one summer for hiking and seeing the beautiful mountain towns.


Peru is definitely high on our list. I've wanted to go since my parents trip years ago, and then a few of our friends have gone recently and it looks incredible. Gal Meets Glam did a complete travel guide for Peru with so many great suggestions, and places I wouldn't have even thought of.

Banff is somewhere I know we'll go soon, but another one that we are torn between summer or winter. Personally, I would love to go in the summer when we can hike and do more outdoor activities. After our trip to Whistler this year, I've realized how easy it is to go to Canada for long weekends, so I think perhaps this could be one of our trips between longer travels abroad. 

This is quite a list, we better start saving! 

If you have any favorite places to travel, I'd love to hear them! Or if you've done a travel guide, share in the comments so I can check it out.


  1. Ahh you're killing me! I need to go everywhere!!

    1. I know! In my dream world we would travel full time for a few years to try and check them all off the list! Sad to think, with only one trip a year, I doubt we'll be able to see everything in a lifetime.

  2. I would definitely say Germany! It is so green where we went in the Rhineland-Platz area (wine country!). I love that the buildings are so quint essential Europe too. Plus, I think Germans are more friendly towards Americans than France. ;) I've been to Paris twice now and I can say I have no plans of ever returning. The history and buildings are beautiful but I just can't stand all the smoking. It's disgusting to me! Though, I would like to see the South of France.

    I would love to go to Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and Italy in the next 10 years.


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