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Acai Bowls

Andrew and I have gotten on a bit of an acai bowl kick lately. On our last trip to San Diego I think we got one every morning for breakfast! They're so delicious, and make for a tasty breakfast. Especially during the warm summer months.

I wasn't really sure how I could re-create them at home, besides just making a smoothie bowl. But then when we were at Trader Joes a few weeks ago, I found these packets in the frozen fruit section and decided to try them out. And guys, they're delicious! I'll definitely be keeping them in the freezer so I can whip up an acai bowl when the craving hits.

These were pretty easy to whip up, and will definitely be in rotation for breakfasts this summer. Over the weekend we went to the farmers market to pick up a few things, and I found this local granola that I thought it addition to fresh berries, would be a perfect topping for an acai bowl. There are so many different ways you could top them, but I went with my favorite, classic flavors.


2 Trader Joes (or your favorite) Frozen Acai Puree Packet
5 frozen strawberries
1 banana (save 1/2 for topping)
splash milk or almond milk


1/2 banana sliced
fresh strawberries sliced
fresh raspberries
shaved coconut
chai seeds
drizzle of local honey


First, run acai packets under hot water, break it up into smaller pieces. Blend the frozen acai puree, frozen strawberries and half banana, add a splash of milk if you need liquid. You may need to stop and scrape down the sides of the blender. Blend until it's the consistency of a thick smoothie; transfer to a cereal bowl. 

Slice the remaining half banana and fresh strawberries. Arrange slices, raspberries, granola, and coconut flakes in neat rows on top of the acai. Sprinkle with chai seeds and a drizzle of honey. 
(then take a picture)!

Have you had an acai bowl? The first time I had one was in Hawaii on our honeymoon, and I've been hooked ever since! I can't wait to have another when we're there this summer. Something about the fresh local fruit on the island makes them even better!

Enjoy! Tag me in a photo on Instagram if you try these.

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  1. My first acai bowl was on my honeymoon in Hawaii, too. haha. They are so good! I didn't know TJ's sells the packets. I'll have to pick some up next time I'm there.


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