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Gift Idea: Keepsy Scrapbook

When my nephew Phillip turned 1 in 2014, I made him a scrapbook of his 1st year. So of course, when my younger nephew Joseph turned 1 this March, I wanted to do the same for him.

I discovered this site called Keepsy, that allows you to log into Instagram and it automatically inputs all of your photos to create an album. You can also upload photos from Facebook and other photo sharing sites. Since my sister shares a lot of photos of the boys on Instagram, I thought it was a perfect way to capture all the fun they had during the 1st year with both Phillip and Joseph. Luckily she was willing to share her Instagram log in information without too many questions :)

It couldn't be more simple to put these books together. You select a color theme and choose all the images from Instagram you want to include, then it does the layout automatically. You can change how many pictures you want per page, and move things around easily to customize the book as you want. Since I wanted to capture Joseph's first year completely, I also uploaded pictures from his baby shower, the pictures I took at the hospital when he was born, and the family photos my sister did last Fall as well as his 1 year photo shoot and birthday party.

It was such a simple thing to put together and I know my sister and the boys will treasure it for years to come. I love having completed albums at the house to be able to pick up and look through every once in a while. It always puts a smile on my face to go back and reminisce about fun memories.

This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share Keepsy because it's such an easy way to create an album. Social Media is such a hug part of our lives, and sometimes I feel like I share all my photos but never actually print them out to enjoy later. Almost like I post them and forget them. With Keepsy, it's so much easier to create an album that you'll have to look back on for years to come.

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