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SF Bridesmaids Weekend

Thanks to my little blogging break, I'm way behind in sharing all the fun things that have been keeping me away! 

A few weeks ago, a couple of my girlfriends came to town so we could celebrate one of our best friends who is getting married this September! It was a special bridesmaid weekend we planned to shop for dresses and spend time together celebrating Erica's upcoming wedding. It was such a wonderful weekend. We've all been friends for years (we're talking since we were like, 8) so there is never a shortage of conversation and laughter! 

We decided to make the most of our weekend and turn it into a sleepover at my house. We kicked Andrew out of the house Friday night so we could have the place to ourselves, (thanks babe)! We went to an amazing sushi dinner, then out for a couple drinks before heading back to the house. It was such a fun night. Something about this group of girls is unlike any other. We're completely ourselves around each other. We share so many secrets, hysterical memories, and have basically grown up together so it feels like family. I feel so blessed to call them my friends for so many years!

Saturday we were up early for the main event, dress shopping! Erica has chosen blush for the color, and we're all able to pick our own dresses. The first shop we went to was my favorite. There were plenty of styles and designers to choose from and the decor was adorable. I think everyone found a dress they liked here, but since it was our first stop no one made a purchase.

Kristin, the MOH, had planned a perfect day for us. After the first couple hours of shopping, we headed across the bridge for a very special brunch! The wedding will be at Cavallo Point this September, which is the most stunning location just a short drive the Golden Gate bridge. It was the perfect setting for our brunch because it created even more excitement around Erica's special day! Plus I don't think Jacquie or Joy had ever been there, so it was fun for them to visit before the big day. After we ate, we spent a few minutes walking around the property envisioning the wedding. It was a beautiful day, no fog in sight!

Right where Erica and Corrie will say "I Do"

Next, we were off to try on more dresses! I didn't take many pictures the rest of the afternoon, but we all got an idea of what style of dress we wanted, and have since been shopping on our own to find the perfect dress.

After a long day of shopping, we headed back to my house for a few hours to relax. We made a huge spread of cheese, crackers, veggies, and snacks and shared a few bottles of wine while reminiscing on the old days. It was a perfect afternoon with some of my very best friends!

Later that night, we got ready and decided to go out for a few drinks! It was so fun to have a true girls night, we laughed and talked for hours!

On Sunday morning, Jacquie decided to head home early to see her kiddos since she'd been away from them for 2 nights. I know she had a fun, and well deserved, mini-vacation! But we were sad to see her go, because it was time for our next activity, the Giants game!

It couldn't have been a more perfect day for a game! Sunny and warm, the perfect combination for an afternoon at the ball park! And bonus, it was a great game. There were a few great plays and it ended with a walk off home run by Hicks! It was Joy's first Giants game, so I consider her our good luck charm now :)

You know I love Pence! 
After years of friendship; moving to new places, supporting each other through both hard times and exciting times, our friendship has remained intact and is stronger than ever. I'm so thankful Erica's wedding has given us the excuse to plan so many weekends together this year. These girls mean the world to me, and I am so thankful for their friendship!

Joy put together this cute video with Flipagram that sums up our weekend perfectly! It was so great spending time with the girls, and I can't wait for the next time we'll all be together again in a few weeks! 

I'm not sure if the video works on iPads/iPhones but it should work okay on a computer. FYI there is music to the video if you're at work :)


  1. What a fun time! You captured the best pictures & memories :-) Y'all are all so beautiful!

  2. What a FUN weekend! I've been to that church where she's getting married. Adorbs! You girls are all so pretty.
    Do you have shop at Heidis, there in the city? She's a friend of mine :)

  3. What a fun weekend you girls had!! Can't wait to see what dress you end up picking. I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  4. Wow a wedding at Cavallo Point is going to be amazing!! Can I crash it?!

  5. I loved reliving this day through your post! Thanks for sharing:) XO

  6. That looks like the ultimate girls weekend! You're so very lucky to have such close friends from your childhood. :)

  7. what a fun weekend!! glad you had a good time :) my best friend is getting married and she is doing blush colored dresses too!


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