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Our Home: Projects & Decor To Do List

Not our home, but I just love the combination of spring blossoms and San Francisco architecture!

I've given you a few glimpses into our home here, here and here, but there is still so much I'd like to update to make it reflect both Andrew and I. I've lived in our apartment for over two years now, and there is hardly anything hanging on the walls. It's starting to bother me that it doesn't feel as lived in, or decorated as I'd like. But we have a limited budget for decorating, so it just hasn't been a huge priority.

However, this July we have a few of Andrew's close friends coming to stay with us and I really want to make a few changes before then. Now that it's almost April, that only leaves three months before our guests arrive. So basically, it lit a fire under my butt to get started!

One of my favorite things to do is browse Pinterest and blogs for interior design inspiration. I love getting a glimpse into other peoples homes, to see how they live, and what projects they've done to personalize their space. So I figured, I should bring you all along with me as I revamp a few rooms in our house!

What better way to start than with a list of projects? I've broken it down by room and prioritized what I would most like to get done before our guests arrive. Hopefully this will provide some great DIY and decorating blog material over the next few months. I can't wait to get started! I'm sure Andrew is super moderately excited as well ;-)

- The Kitchen -

You've seen the mood board with my design inspiration for the space, now it's time to break out the paint! 

new shelves
chalkboard DIY
new drawer pulls for console

- The Guest Room -

For obvious reasons, this room is my 2nd priority! I'd like it to feel more cozy and finished, and less like the dumping grounds for things Andrew and I don't know what to do with!

new sheets
throw pillows
bed side table DIY
hang vacation gallery wall
new rug

- The Bathroom -

new rugs
new towels
shelf DIY
plant DIY
storage DIY
hang art

- Dining Room -

move Gram's buffet from the Foothills
map art & DIY
large mirror

- Living Room -

new throw pillows
new TV stand
wall art/gallery wall
bookshelf DIY
new chair
mirror for above fireplace
new chair for Andrew
wall sconces

- Entry Way -

console table
baskets for storage
umbrella bucket

- Front Porch -

welcome mat
wreath DIY
plant stand DIY

- Master Bedroom -

new dresser
dresser DIY
side table
re-do frames & artwork
new rug
organize closets

As you can see, this is a LONG list. I know it's impossible to complete all of these tasks before our guests arrive in July. Not only do I not have that much free time, but it would be quite an expensive accomplishment. 

To help with cost, I plan to do a lot of DIY projects and shop Craigslist, sales, and places like TJMaxx and Marshalls. I absolutely think this is all doable on a budget, it will just take more time. I plan to share a mood board for each room, and then a tour as they're completed. And of course, I'll share tutorials for my DIY projects along the way! 

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for a glimpse into my style and the spaces I'm drawing inspiration from. 


  1. oh lordly, girl, better get to updating there is a lot on this list :)

  2. I see a lot of the word NEW :) I feel you on that especially when ever I move somewhere I am so tempted to toss everything. But once you get engaged (cough, Andrew, cough) you will get plenty of new pretties!!

  3. That is a LIST! Why don't you do the guest bedroom first, so it's done by the time I come and visit ;)

  4. wow!! that is a long list!! i thought your place was adorable!

  5. I'm excited to watch the progress of these projects! We're slowly but surely turning our "house" into our "home," so I understand the feeling of having a looooooooong to do/wish list!

  6. Oh my gosh! This is a two years list! :) Excited to see the progress!

  7. thats a serious LIST!!
    looking forward to all of your 'before&after' pictures!!


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