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My Fitness Essentials

Fitness Essentials

Fitness Essentials by fromfoothillstofog featuring asics shoes

Lately, I've been making a huge effort to really get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. The Holiday's threw me for a loop, and it took a while to recover. But now, I'm back into my healthy routine and it feels great! These are a few of my favorite things, that make getting to the gym everyday a little bit easier. 

// I wish I was the type that could hit the gym or run without music, but I rely on my iPhone to get me motivated and push myself to train harder. I use skull candy headphones and they work great for me. I always find them at TJ Maxx and Marshall's for like $5. Although, I got these awesome wireless headphones for Andrew for Christmas, and I kind of want a pair for myself. //

// My absolute favorite workout tank is Under Armour, the discontinued the model I like, but have similar styles like I've shown above. I also love Old Navy for running tanks and capris! //

// It's always cold here in the city, so running outdoors and early trips to the gym requires an extra layer. My all time favorite is my Lole half zip. It's just like this, but a pullover. I got it Sports Basement here in the city, and I'm always on the lookout for another one. It's one of my most used articles of clothing! //

// Water is key, when I'm at the gym I always have my Kleen Kanteen or another water bottle with me. For spin class, I love using sport bottles like this. //

// Capri's are my go to for all fitness. I get too hot in pants, and find shorts to be really uncomfortable when running or spinning. I love the Sugoi pair I have, they are high waisted which is a must for me, and have mesh fabric behind the knee to keep you cool. //

// Like I said, music is my motivator when I'm at the gym. I use an armband like this to hold my phone when I lift weights or run outside. //

// I am a huge SmartWool fan. They make the best socks, and while they're a bit expensive, it's totally worth it. Once you invest in nice running/fitness socks, you'll never go back. //

// When I was training for my first half marathon years ago, I was fitted for running shoes at the local shoe store where I'm from. After watching me run, they determined that I pronate and recommended Asics since they have great support. Since then, I've always worn them and never had a problem. I recommend finding a running store near you, and have them help determine which is the right shoe for you. //

// This is Lo & Son's O.G. Bag is my dream gym bag! I try to go to the gym before work, so I get it out of the way in the morning, and have my evenings to relax at home or see friends. I also find it keeps me motivated to eat well throughout the day. Since I get ready for work at the gym those mornings, I bring a lot of stuff with me. This bag would fit everything perfectly! And it's so cute, I could use it for an overnight bag as well! //

// Spinning is one of my favorite forms of exercise. A few years ago for my birthday, I was given a pair of Sidi cycle shoes. I probably wouldn't have invested in them myself, but I love having them! It makes spinning so much more comfortable and effective. When I switched over from running shoes, I could feel a huge difference. If you spin regularly, I definitely recommend looking into cycling shoes. //

What are your fitness essentials? Is there anything in particular that makes you excited to hit the gym and get a good sweat? 

If you're looking for fitness motivation, you should visit my good friend Kristin's blog. She is amazing! Her blog and Instagram always keep me inspired when I feel like skipping a workout! 

Happy sweating! 


  1. Thanks for the shout out friend, yahoo! I'm so proud of you for getting up early to workout and eating healthy, keep it up. You should for sure get that gym bag, you will use it every single day. Money well spent:) Happy Sweating is right, get it girl!

  2. I love that jacket! Sadly, I don't really have a use for jackets since I'm not a runner. But, I might just buy that one since it's so pretty :)

    And I have to admit that I am sooo scared to try a spin class. Plus, I don't really want the crotch pain the day after haha!

  3. I love all of these! I have that jacket and wear it ALL THE TIME. #meanttobebesties ;)

  4. Fitness essentials for me are definitely the arm band for my iPhone, but not for music, I use RunKeeper and love to track my walks, runs, and hikes. I also love pretty much all Nike outlet clothes & Old Navy (such cheap stuff but love it!).

  5. Good for you for getting back into it! Before and after Peru I was so motivated, but lately I have been lazy. Time to get back into things!!


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