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Love Is In The Air

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day Gifts by fromfoothillstofog featuring voluspa candles

I've never been that into Valentine's Day, and don't have huge expectations for flowers, candy and gifts. However, I am a romantic at heart, and love the idea of showing that special someone you care. Whether that is your boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend, everyone deserves to feel loved!

In my opinion, the best gift that someone can give on Valentine's is a thoughtful card. The card Andrew gave me on my birthday last year is my favorite thing he's ever given me, I keep it in my bedside table drawer and have read it many times since then (cheesy, I know). But a movie night in, making dinner together, cute jammies, or a nice candle are all small things that would be a simple way to show someone you love them. 

This year, Valentines Day falls on Friday, and I'm sure the restaurants throughout the city have been booked for weeks. But Andrew and I decided to escape the city since it also happens to be a 3-day weekend. We'll be going camping on the central coast, and I'm so excited for a weekend away with him. It's the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day if you ask me.


  1. i will take the perfume please.that's how this works right?!

  2. Romantic nights in are some of the best that I've ever had with Sam!! We're more homebodies anyways...

    All of this stuff is so cute!! And do you guys pop your own popcorn? I'm not a popcorn snob, but Sam's family totally is! The first time I put popcorn in our grocery cart, Sam freaked out haha! He was like, "Umm no, I pop my own popcorn thank you very much."

  3. I love Valentine's Day! Mostly because we stay in and my husbands cooks - even though that is a normal routine :)


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