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First Annual Friendsgiving

Our first annual Friendsgiving was a huge hit! Andrew and I were busy busy all weekend getting everything ready.

Thankfully, our friends all brought something to share so Andrew and I could focus on making the turkey. We also made an apple pie, pumpkin pie, and cheese ball appetizer. There was no shortage of food, that's for sure. I'll post our menu and links to the recipes we used tomorrow. I want to make sure we have them saved for years to come, everything turned out so great!

The first of our friends arrived around 10am Sunday to watch the football and help us set up and get appetizers together. Everyone else started to trickle in around 1:00. It was so fun to have all of our friends together at our home. Since I was playing hostess, I feel like I didn't get to talk to anyone, but I loved hearing the chatter of everyone talking, watching the game, laughing, and toasting their glasses to celebrate our new tradition.

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast around 2:30, and continued to celebrate into the evening. It was so nice just relaxing, drinking wine and visiting with everyone. At one point I think we spent an hour talking about our personality types (inspired by this post)! It was so funny, people were taking the test on their phones and it was surprising to see the similar results within our group. There are 3 of us with INFJ, even though we decided I was more like an ENFJ. And it turns out that three of the guys are ENTJ (Andrew included). We decided that we're officially old since that was such a large portion of our conversation after dinner.

It was such a great day. I can't help but smile when I think about it. We had friends from our college days, our San Francisco friends, and high school friends, all celebrating together. It was so fun getting all the messages yesterday from people thanking us and saying how much fun they had. We're so blessed to have so many friends here in the city with us! I know this was the start of a great new tradition, that will continue for years to come!

I wish I had taken more photos, I didn't even get one of Andrew and I! Bummer. But I guess that's a sign of a good night, I was too busy having fun with my friends to stop and take pictures.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends?


  1. Sometimes these are the best thanksgivings! I love all the pics!

  2. This is a great idea and I have always wanted to do it. Throw in football and my husband would be all for it. This is a great idea for those that don't live close enough to visit family every year. Sometimes a friend holiday is just as fun!

  3. I want to start a Friendsgiving tradition so bad!
    So glad that you had a great time. I'm sure it was so much fun!


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