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Spring '24 One Room Challenge (ORC) - My Home Office - Week 4

I'm so excited for this week, the most exciting transformation in the process so far, wallpaper!!! 

It was the wallpaper that inspired this entire space, so I knew it would be the most exciting part to watch come to life. 

Initially, I found the wallpaper on Wallpaper Direct and ordered a sample to make sure I liked the colors and everything in person. As I suspected, it was love at first sight. The problem was, it was quite pricey. I tried finding a discount code and tried seeing if they wanted to do a partnership with me on trade, but no luck! After a lot of searching, I found what appeared to be the exact same Wallpaper on a German site called Wallpaper from the 70's. My hesitation was that, although it was the same photos advertising the paper, it had a different name. And since it was a German site I was worried about fees and if it wasn't the same, I didn't think I'd be able to return it. 

I decided to put my internet sleuthing to the test, and I looked at the tagged photos from Wallpaper from the 70's instagram account, and reached out to a few creators who used it. They were so kind to reply and give me feedback. It was all positive, they loved the product and had a good experience with them. One person had to pay taxees, but with the amount I needed I wouldn't have to. All I ended up paying was a small foreign transaction fee. 

By purchasing from Wallpaper from the 70's, I saved over 50% on the cost of the paper! I highly recommend checking them out if you're planning to add wallpaper to a space in your home. (No, this is not sponsored, but maybe my next project will be)!

I was a bit nervous when the box arrived only a few days after I ordered it, I even waited a little bit to open the box because I was already at max capacity with the paint color saga. Thankfully, the wallpaper was perfect. Although it had a different name on the website, it is still the Morris & Co, Meadow Sweet paper from the same dye lot. Phew! 

Although some people say hanging wallpaper is actually quite simple, I knew this was not a task I could do myself. There are quite a lot of cuts around the window and cabinets, and I just knew with time and the challenge, I wasn't up for the task. My friend had a great experience with her wallpaper installer, so I scheduled with her for the install. For any local folks I am happy to share her contact, she did a fabulous job and was so kind. She even sent me a thank you card afterward! 

To say I am thrilled with the paper is an understatement! I love how it coordinates with the countertop, and I'm excited to see it come together once the cabinets are repainted. It already makes the space feel more cozy and inviting. 

I'm excited to get this space finished and add all the fun details. Our room has been filled with boxes of everything inside my office cabinets for a couple months now, so we're ready to have it all unpacked and back to normal. Thankfully I finally selected the new paint color for the cabinets, and I'm hoping that will be completed next week in time to update you on Wednesday! 

Thanks so much for following along on this wild ride to redecorate my office! I thought this would be an easy "little" project, but it's turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected. Here's a look at what we still have to accomplish in the space. 

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