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Date Night | Cold Shoulder Top

This post was saved in my drafts from before my blogging hiatus. So while the photos are over two years old, and cold shoulder tops aren't really in style anymore, I figured I would share anyway because, why not?!

It's funny to look back on these photos and thinking of that time in my life. I still have such heartache when I think of leaving San Francisco, I truly loved living there. Thankfully now, nearly two years after leaving, I am feeling more settled in our life back in the foothills. Of course, San Francisco will forever be a special place for me. And although many people thought I was crazy to move there in 2012, taking a pay cut and having nowhere to live (thanks for letting me crash on your couch for a month, Bea)! it was really the best decision I ever made. Who knows where I would be if I hadn't taken the chance! I think it's a good reminder to always trust your gut. 

Andrew and I will always look back on those years with a smile. Even more so since that is where we brought Graham home, and became a family of three. We really did take advantage of the city life while we were there and I'll always be thankful for that. 

I look forward to when I can plan a date night for Andrew and I again. Since having Graham those were much less frequent, and then Covid-19 put what remained of date nights to an abrupt end. It was one of my goals to start making more time for the two of us this year, but 2020 had other plans! While it's easy to get stuck in our routine with Graham, I do think it is important for us to have some time to ourselves and focus on our marriage. I know we'll never take date nights for granted again! 

What are some of your favorite date night ideas? What about Covid-19 friendly dates? Our last date was in January when we went to dinner then saw Dear Evan Hansen. It was great! I wasn't quite prepared to get so emotional! It was heavier than I expected, but the cast was amazing. Thinking since our last date was more up my ally, I should plan something like a bike ride or outdoor activity that Andrew would enjoy. Whatever it is, I'll be sure to wear a more current outfit lol - also I am embarrassed to admit I'm pretty sure the only time I wore this top was for these photos and it's still hanging in my closet. 

*photo by the talented Stephanie Court!

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