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Five on Friday: Blushing Bridesmaids

I am so excited for this weekend! It is jammed packed with fun activities :) As I've mentioned, one of my best friends is getting married this fall! I'm honored to be one of her bridesmaids, and we're already having so much fun planning for the bachelorette party, shopping, and discussing all things wedding! I shared a glimpse at their engagement photos the other day on Facebook, seriously how cute are they?!

Anyways...we've had this weekend planned for months now and have been looking forward to it ever since. Erica has four bridesmaids, and two of the girls don't live in San Francisco. Since this weekend worked for everyone, so we coordinated a big shopping trip/wedding weekend, all to honor the bride to be! Our good friend Joy that lives in Southern California flew up last night, and Jacquie is driving down tonight. We've booted Andrew and are having a good ol' fashioned slumber party at my house tonight! Complete with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries!

Tomorrow we're up early to shop for Bridesmaid dresses all day long! The lovely Maid of Honor has organized our day visiting various boutiques in the city and brunch at the wedding venue across the Golden Gate, Cavallo Point! It's going to be such a perfect day!

Erica has chosen blush as the color for our bridesmaid dresses. She wants us to all wear different dresses, but stay within the same blush tones. We have a group "bridesmaids" board on Pinterest, and it's been so fun searching for the perfect blush dress. Luckily, it's a big color this spring, and there are a lot of options! Hopefully tomorrow we all find the perfect dress for Erica's big day. I love the idea of all shopping together, that way Erica is there to weigh in on what she likes and doesn't like. And we can get a better sense of the exact color and style she is envisioning for her big day.

I feel like this weekend is really going to kick off Wedding season and all the fun events ahead! We're busy planning an epic bachelorette party in Palm Springs, which is the next thing we'll have to look forward too!

I've collected my five favorite dresses pinned on our group bridesmaid board, I'm really loving the bottom three! Which is your favorite? Have you seen any cute blush dresses? If so, send me a link!

I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will :) I'll be back Monday with a full report!

And just for fun, I'll leave with you these pictures of the 5 of us! The top one is from our Junior Prom! I love that we've been friends for years and have remained as close as ever! I love these girls!!


  1. My vote is either the top right or bottom middle. You would look FABULOUS in any of these though!! Blush is such a pretty color for a bridesmaids dress.

  2. The bottom middle is seriously beautiful, it's classy and fun at the same time! I might be bias though, I love the fit and flare style, I think it looks great on so many body types.

  3. Ahhhh! You're going to have such a fun weekend! Good luck finding a fabulous blush dress! I think my favorite is the bottom left, the strapless one! Enjoy your girls weekend!

  4. Those dress are so cute. I like the middle one at the bottom. Have a blast this weekend girl!

  5. Sounds fun! Lovin' the bottom middle. :)

  6. So fun! My bridesmaids could pick between blush, champagne and gold and all choose their own dresses as well. I loved the way it turned out!


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